What is a Train Wreck Mom?

What's a train wreck mom? You're the mom that will never be Pinterest perfect but that doesn't stop you. You try. You love. You fail. You cry. You try again. You love your family but you've looked up how to sell them on eBay once or twice. The shipping wasn't worth it. You spend hours researching healthy meals and wind up going to McDonald's. You're the mom (or dad) that has a package of Oreos waiting for the first heartbreak. Your kids can count on you to bring them their lunch or violin at school but you'll show up in your pajamas to teach them not to forget again. You'd do anything for your kids but you have also eaten a candy bar in the bathroom with the shower running. If this sounds like you, then welcome aboard, train wreck. All aboard!

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fb_img_1527643793932641533923.jpgHelping people feel like they’re not the only one. Whether it’s parenting, mental health, or writing a book, I’m here to offer advise, humor, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to bend, and a glass of wine when all else fails.

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