7 Crazy Hacks for Motherhood

Motherhood is tough. Anything I can find that helps make the day go smoother is a slice of fried gold in my book. These are a few things I have found to get you through the mom life without needing bail or alcohol.

1. Keep your toddler’s meal time gear on a low shelf or cabinet that’s easy for them to access. This not only builds up independence but helps give them responsibility. While you’re cooking, they can set their place at the table. I know this is possible. I’ve seen classrooms of two year olds set the table, serve themselves, and even pour their own milk. Responsibility and independence are good things.

2. Got child locks on your cabinets? Have you ever broken one of those? It’s an Uh-Oh moment. What are you going to do? You can’t just leave the cleaning supplies (or Oreos) unprotected. So, grab some of those plastic toy rings and link them together to make a temporary barrier until you can get to the store and grab another lock.

3. Are your kids grounded from TV? Get a padlock and put it through the plug. Now, you don’t need to haul the TV out.

4. Do your kids forget about their chores? Do they forget the same chores every day? Make chore bands. Get thick rubber bands and write their chores on them. Then have your kid wear the rubber band like a bracelet. When they complete the chore, then they can take the rubber band off.

5. The hot weather is coming. And so are BBQs and outdoor parties. Keep drinks cold with a bucket of frozen water balloons. They’ll keep your drinks cold, juice boxes from getting squishy, and when they melt you can have a water ballooon fight.

6. You know you have to clean and disinfect their toys, but some of those toys come in lots of little pieces. Toss all those water safe, plastic, no batteries toys in a lingerie bag. Then toss it all in the washing machine. This is a life saver when the plagues familiar with daycare and school go through your home and family.

7. Do you have a kid who has trouble putting their shoes on the right feet? Put stickers on the arch side of each shoe. Your child will know their shoes are on the right feet when the stickers match up.

I hope these hacks help you. If you have any tips or tricks to make momhood easier, let me know. Throw a comment below to let me know what your mom hack is.


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