The Glorious Train Wreck Mom

This is a safe space for all train wrecks. Except here, we don't give you a puppy and a latte. We give you sarcasm and humor.

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Growing up in a funeral parlor is a dark and depressing way of life for young Jimmy Natale. Continuously surrounded by sadness and death, Jimmy latches on to the only bright star in his life: Christmas. His deep infatuation with the colors, food, spirit, and family love inherent to the holiday consumes him.
After getting married, and starting a family of his own, he discovers he is no longer bound and can experience that Christmas morning feeling all the time.
But he soon discovers that life is not all candy canes and sugar plum dreams. After numerous obstacles and personal tragedy, Jimmy fears his hopes of sharing this feeling with the world are on the verge of collapse. He must make a choice, succumb to the darkness that plagued his childhood, or take a desperate risk in hopes of forever perpetuating the spirit of Christmas.

Watch the video and hear me read the synopsis here:

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