Crazy Things Kids Say

Kids say the craziest things. Some funny. Some embarrassing. Some are just down right wrong. But it’s all memorable. So, here’s a list I compiled with some help from my Facebook friends (See, Zucker, I can use Facebook for data mining, too.)

  1. My daughter said she can’t wait to be a teenager so she can run away.
  2. I was told I was under arrest for prostitution. He was watching “Cops.” He was 4.
  3. Going through the bathroom, I said, “Ew.” Son walks through and said he smelled that before at the nursing home.
  4. My mom and I were talking about something we wanted information on. My 7 year old son pops up in our conversation and tells us to Google it.
  5. I don’t like Easter eggs because they take too long to open. (foil wrapped ones)
  6. My son tells me I need to learn how to be nicer to my kids. (I wouldn’t let him have candy before breakfast) He’s 4.
  7. Randomly, in the car, “Mommy, how much do female dogs weigh?”
  8. Why don’t birds have chins?
  9. You’re my best girl. Can I have a bomb pop now?
  10. You’re such a cute mommy, Mr. Mommy.

What crazy things have your kids said to you lately?

For more crazy things my kids say, check out these videos:


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