Slutty men, dress codes, and your responsibility as a woman.

THANK YOU! If my husband walked out of the house in shorts and short sleeved (or Gods forbid a tank top) shirt, I know he would get catcalled. He’s so gentle and innocent and frail he would eaily be taken advantage of.

I just can’t believe there are woman out there that let their husbands dress so immodestly. I mean, ladies, our men should have some dignity and respect for themselves. And if they don’t see it then it’s our job to make them see it. Or at least make them dress in a way that people don’t ask them how much for an hour. Ladies, we need to show our sons the proper way to dress and respect their bodies. If we don’t then society will and we already see the damaging effects of that. Just look at any Calvin Klein ad with Mark Wahlberg or David Beckham. It is a slippery slope indeed.

We need to tell the men in our lives to not fall into this trap. First it’s shorts. Then next time they will be showing their biceps, triceps, and goddess forbid quadriceps. No no no no. We must tell our husbands, brothers, and sons they should save it all for their wife’s eyes alone!


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