Sacrificing Mom

There is so much that I wish for. It’s hard admitting that because as humans, moms in particular, are trained to believe wanting things is greedy and selfish. We’re taught to take care of everyone else before us. I’ve even seen infographics on Facebook that put women/wives/moms last in a hierarchy. God then husband then kids then mom. That’s the most common one that I’ve seen.

Guess what? It is OK for you to want for yourself. True story. You are allowed to want things for yourself. You’re allowed to want to eat the Oreos without sharing. It’s OK to want longer than a five minute shower. It’s totally normal to want nicer clothes.

Have you ever flown? You know the spiel they give about if they lose cabin pressure and you’re traveling with a small child? They tell you to secure your facemask first, then you take care of the kid. Why? Because some situations require you take care of you first. You’re not going to be able to take care of anyone if you pass out or worse.

I get it. I do. I am currently dealing with the fact that for so long I refused to buy clothes for myself because there was always something else I could have gotten. Art supplies for the Bunny. Bows for Hayhay. Dinosaurs for T-Rex. There was always something more important than me.

Even the days we didn’t have a lot – OK, any – money. The kids ate. I drank water. I lied to my husband and told him I ate so he and the kids would have enough food. Low blood sugar and low blood pressure is not a good combination. My heart paid the price and I’m still dealing with those actions.

You’re a good mom. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be worried about being a good mom. Good moms sacrifice for their families.

But, if you sacrifice too much, eventually, there will be nothing left. And then, what does your family have?

So, here’s your pass, Mom. Here’s your permission to take care of yourself and to want things for yourself. So, this is your wake up call. Get the outfit. Eat the Oreos. Take a shower that uses up all the hot water. Because you are worth it. You are loved. And I am proud of you.


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