You Are Enough, Mom

Moms judge each other pretty harshly. But they judge themselves even more so. We hold ourselves to such a high standard. Sometimes, impossibly high. I have something you should hear.


This is to the mom hiding in her bathroom or bedroom or car. I see you. I see you needing just 5 minutes to cry, breathe, and get some peace and quiet.

This is to the exhausted mom. I see you. I know you would do anything for a 20 minute nap but you have 3 kids and they all have the flu and you hope to god they get over it during the weekend because you just can’t take off any more time from work.

This is to the mom who hides the chips and candy in her car. I see you. I know you try to eat healthy. For the kids. But sometimes, you just need a chocolate bar. And that’s ok.

This is to the mom crying into her pillow with the door closed. I see you. The stress built up and exploded. You blew up on your kid for something really small and insignificant. And you know it wasn’t that big of a deal. So on top of it all, you have mom guilt. You would take it all back if you could. And later you’ll say sorry. You’ll make the kid’s favorite meal and watch their favorite show. And you’ll go to bed feeling like a failure. You’re not.

This is to the mom who works out and diets. I see you. I see you trying to get that body back that you had when you met your husband. I know what its like to hate the person in the mirror. I know the fear of being replaced by a newer, younger, fitter model. I’m pretty sure he’s put a little weight on, too. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t just marry you for your waist line.

This is to the mom who just can’t go to the PTA or scouts meeting, the concert or game. I see you. I know what it’s like to have to cancel plans because it’s just too much to try and go out and deal with the outside world when the world inside your head is already loud and busy. I know what it’s like to want to hid in your room under the blankets.

This is to the mom grabbing mcdonalds or pizza again this week. I see you. You had to work late. Again. And they have to eat. And by time you get home it’ll be too late to cook and eat before bed.

This is to the mom standing alone during scouts and PTA meeting. I see you. You’re trying. But you know you won’t fit in. So, you’re there for your kid and no one else.

You Are A Good Mom


Let me tell you this, in case you haven’t heard it today. I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard this in a while. You are good enough. You are important. You are loved and worthy of love. You are a good mom.

This is your life right now. Its crazy and frustrating and rewarding. The days drag on but the years fly by. Not one moment is the same as the next. That’s what makes it so tough. You never know from one minute to the next what you’ll be dealing with.

One minute you’re snuggling your baby then boom you’re covered in vomit. You blink and theyre in kindergarten. You turn and it’s high school. Then theyre gone and you watch your heart move away and start a life of its own.

That’s when you realize it was all worth it.

For now, take a breath. You are doing your best. And in the end that’s what they’ll remember. They’ll look back and see a mom that tried and did her best with what she had. They’ll remember the time and sacrifices. They’ll look back and they will see they had the best mom for them.

Until then, I see you. The best mom in the world to her kids. The mom who is enough. I’m proud of you and I love you.




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