How Was I Blessed in 2017

2017 blessed me in ways I could not imagine.

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Financially: money showed up at the right times. In ways we could never have thought. We sold the broken down camper that sat in the front yard. My father paid for three months worth of daycare for my son.

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Emotionally: We were able to finally get my daughter evaluated and put on medications for her depression and anxiety. She’s also been going to therapy for two months. The change in her has been so apparent. She smiles now. Laughs. Dances. Does art again. I love having my baby bunny back.

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Relationships: There was a breakthrough in my relationship with stepdaughter Hayhay. It was her birthday in October. She has a thing for The Little Mermaid; it’s her favorite Disney movie. So, I bought her an Ariel Funko Pop figurine. She loved it so much she hugged me, told me thank you, and that she loves me. I hugged her back. Told her no problem. When she left the room I cried. We haven’t always had the best relationship. And we’ve had some issues since then but I see this as a step in the right direction.

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Career: I’ve decided that I’m pretty much over child care. I’ve been blessed with a job that allows me some flexibility with my schedule and I’m allowed to bring my son (for a price). Child care used to be my passion but over the years (twenty of them total) I’ve learned that my true passion is writing. Specifically, writing humor and about mom life. I love helping people see the humor in the daily problems that plague mother’s. Dishes, laundry, and why can people never put the toilet paper in the roller thingy!!!!

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It’s been a good year. I know 2018 is going to be better.


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