What Are You Happiest About Leaving Behind in 2017?

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Stress. 2017 was stressful. And i hope to leave that all in 2017.

I’m fairly introverted. My loud only only comes out when I’m comfortable. Within a week of 2017 starting I was given a raise and a promotion to full time lead teacher in the preschool room.

I can hear you. Yes, that is good. But then I had to go through more training and testing.

My coworker started in February. We are polar opposites. I adore her now, but it took some time. By the time she started I was used to doing everything myself. The lesson plans, the paper work, the cleaning. Everything. And there I was having to share my space with someone. It sounds bratty. It is. I’m not a fan of sudden change and boom! Stranger in my space.

I wouldn’t trade her for the world now.

toddler with red adidas sweat shirt
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Then there was the spring. In our room, we had two very challenging children. I’ll call them Em and Bell. Em had emotional and anger issues. Bell was exceedingly smart and spoiled.

I know, shock. Preschool teachers aren’t supposed to say such things. All children are gifts just waiting to be opened. Uh huh. I have gotten myself in trouble many time for saying what’s on my mind. So, this is nothing new.

I spent almost 4 months being hit, scratched, kicked, having shoes thrown at me, spit on, and screamed at. My classroom was falling apart. It took one person to deal with Em or Bell. One each if they decided to fire off at the same time. That happened at naptime almost every day. With one person wrangling a kid that meant the other had to try and run the room with 19 other kids in it.

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Because of the stress I started taking panic attacks two and three times a day. I cried before going in to work.

Quitting was not an option. I’m the only one working. My husband is in school for computer technology. Because of the schedule of his classes working isn’t really ideal for him right now. So, finances definitely added stress. Knowing i had no options was the cherry on a stress sundae.

It’s gotten better. Em and Bell are no longer at the center. I’m still learning to share responsibilities and space in the preschool room. And we are passed the holidays so budgeting can get back on track now.

I know stress is a part of life. When you live with anxiety you kind of get used to it. But last year was ridiculous. Here’s to hoping that stress stays in 2017. And that corporate doesn’t read this post.

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Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

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