Not Reading is Not Funny

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This isn’t funny. This is sad. This is tragic. This is what is wrong with us. Did they not go through school?

Even if they didn’t read it, 50 shades is a book. People quote the bible all day long.
And what hurts the most is they’re proud. They’re happy they don’t read. They think it’s cute and funny. There are so many good books out there. So many great reads. Short, long, fiction, non, romance, horror, sci go, historical. There’s something out there for everyone.

No money. Kindle app is free. An Amazon account is free. And there’s a ton of free books available. And let’s not forget this place called the library. Literally free books. And movies. And activities.

I couldn’t imagine being proud of not reading. Not reading for 12 years? That’s insanity. That’s a lifetime. 12 days without a book is too long. I hate that I can’t bring a book to work with me for the downtime.

This is also an editorial on the American education system. I’m pretty sure all but two of those people went to school here in the states. Catcher in the rye. Pride and prejudice. Romeo and Juliet. Julius Caesar. A brave new world (that’s my favorite) To kill a mockingbird. Death be not proud. Any of these sound familiar to anyone else?! Some of them looked fresh out of high school. How did they graduate?

As a writer, this is devastating. I don’t know what is worse: the people in the video thinking it’s funny how they are willingly illiterate or the people in the audience laughing at them.

I’m not laughing. I weep for every writer who has bled words onto pages. I weep for every book that sits lonely and dusty on a shelf. I weep for children with parents that don’t read to them. I weep for our future.


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