What Strings are Holding You Back

I’ve got no strings to hold me down. That’s because I cut them. And at first, it was hard to walk. Hell, it was hard to stand. But, the more I believed in myself the longer I was able to stand. And the longer I stood the farther I could walk. It didn’t take long for me to go from people pulling my strings for me to me being able to run on my own two legs.

We all have our strings. Some were put there by our parents and family. Some by schools and teachers. Others by society and friends. But, the strongest ones are those we put on ourselves.

It’s easy to cut the strings and ties others have put on us. Dye your hair funky colors. Be a writer. Move across the country. Each one of those snapped strings placed on me. But, it wasn’t until I started cutting the strings I put on myself that I learned what I could do and be.

Anxiety. Cut. Depression. Cut. Low self esteem. Cut. Not good enough. Cut.

Cut your strings. If nothing else, then pull your own.


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