The Glorious Train Wreck Mom

This is a safe space for all train wrecks. Except here, we don't give you a puppy and a latte. We give you sarcasm and humor.

Feeling a little Goofy today. I hear you asking why. I hear you complaining about Monday and work and everything else that’s wrong in your world.
And that’s why I’m Goofy today. Because, yes, it’s Monday. New day, new week, new start.
Because, yes, I have to go to work. I love my job. I made more in 11 days than I made in a month at my old job. I help people. And sometimes they yell and curse. But, that’s not my problem. I can’t control their reactions but I can control mine.
Currently, we are without a car. But, I’m happy because I know it’s getting fixed and will be better than before.
I have money coming to me and food in my fridge. I have a roof over my head and Good friends and family with me.
So, call me Goofy, but I kind of love Mondays. And you. Go make today awesome. Just like you.

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