How I Completely Changed My Life with a Roomba


I love my Roomba (If you click that link, i may get a small commission). This is my Roomba review. I love my Roomba so much. I love how the iRobot Roomba makes vacuuming one less chore that I have to do. I don’t have to move my furniture. I don’t have to worry about anything. I usually fold and put laundry away while my roomba is running. That right there is work smarter not harder. Any time I can get more done in less time is a life saver. I really think every mother needs this in her life. My iRobot Roomba 652 is the best robot vacuum in my opinion.

Let me tell you the story of how my Roomba makes me a better person.
That’s right. You heard me. My Roomba makes me a better person.

See, back a year ago, I hardly vacuumed. Maybe once a week. And always on a Saturday or Sunday. I worked full time. There was no way I was going to vacuum in the morning or when I got home. Seriously, never going to happen.

Because of this, my floor was a mine field. Socks, toys, play dough rocks that would rival a Lego any day when you step on them.

Let’s add to that the crumbs. Crumbs from cookies, Cheetos, and whatever else my family was eating that missed their mouths. Crumbs mean ants. Lately, here in the Midwest, ants seem to outnumber people by a billion to one.

Also in the Midwest, we have fleas. It’s going to happen. You go outside, you’re probably going to come inside with a flea on you. There’s a one in three chance that flea has eggs. And, we have cats. With claws. Bathing them is not even a remote option I’m willing to entertain.

So, the eternal struggle cycled on until July. Prime Day. Which also happened to fall around the time my income tax refund check rolled in. Weird how that worked, right? I was on lunch and saw that the Roombas were on sale. I didn’t hesitate. One click option and that bad boy was on its way to me in two days with free shipping.

This is when my life changed for the better. I knew from stories that you had to have a clear, clean floor to run the Roomba. So, I we cleaned up. Socks picked up and put away. Toys in their boxes. Random dryer sheets that fell from the laundry were thrown out. And that was already a huge improvement.

The first time we ran Robbie (our name for him) we were floored. (See what I did there?) Just in the living room we had to run him three times. His little dirt trap kept filling up. And I vacuumed with my Shark vacuum right before I ran Robbie. It was eye opening how disgusting we are as a family.

It was at the moment I saw the lines in the carpet and how nice it was to walk barefoot across my floor that I realized I wanted my whole house to have this. So, everyone was sent to their rooms to pick up and put away. And each room got one individual run of Robbie the Roomba. Our house flooring is an eclectic mix of wood, carpet, plywood, and linoleum. It’s pretty terrible. But, Robbie handled it like a boss.

Fast forward to a year later. Every morning, I wake up at five and I run Robbie in the living room. When I get home at about five at night, I carry him up the two stairs to the rest of the house and let him run through every room. We now make it a point to have clear floors. The Roomba helped me enforce rules in my house and have a structure and schedule. We are better people for it. And, I’m a better mom, wife, and person for it.

If you’re a mom, you may know this struggle. You try to keep the house clean but it never stays that way. And sometimes, it feels like you’re the only one doing anything in the house. You don’t want to be that mom or that wife that only yells and complains. But, you also don’t want to be a door mat and have your family just expect you to do everything. I get it.

That’s how the Roomba made me better. I don’t yell now. I don’t have to. Every one knows they have to pick up and put away. If they see it, they deal with it, because they know I’m going to run Robbie. And, I think they see the differences in the house, the family, and me.


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