4th of July Patriotic Buddies Recipe

Hey howdy hey! How are you today?

For those of us in the states Wednesday is a big day – 4th of July aka Independence Day. Typically, you’ll see barbecue, drink, and salad recipes. Not here. We decided on a snack. So, here it is.

What you’ll need: (If you click the links, I may make a small commission)


Rice Chex

Milk Chocolate Chips

White Almond Bark


Dry Roasted Peanuts


Red White and Blue Sprinkles

1. Lay out the Chex cereal on waxed or parchment paper.

2. Melt the chocolate chips.

3. Coat the Chex with the chocolate.

4. Put some confectioner’s sugar in a gallon size zipper bag. Seriously, make sure it zips or clicks or whatever it takes. Trust me.

5. Put the chocolate covered Chex in the bag. Put some more sugar in the bag.

6. Let your 4 year old burn off some energy by shaking the snot out of that bag.

7. Stand back in awe at the fact this actually worked and your Chex looks like the Pinterest picture you got the recipe from.

8. Put the Cheerios and peanuts in a bowl. Obviously, if someone you know will want to eat this has a peanut allergy, then leave out the peanuts. Maybe use marshmallows. Hey, I could have added marshmallows.

9. Melt half a bar of the white almond bark. We used the same bowl as we did for the chocolate chips. So, yeah, it’s a little off color. Oops.

10. Drizzle the almond bark over the Cheerios a s peanuts.

11. Let your 4 year old sprinkle the red, white, and blue sprinkles while your 15 year old drizzles the almond bark.

12. If you were lucky enough to find 4th of July M&Ms, yippee for you. Otherwise, start sorting.

13. Put the Cheerios and peanuts mix on top of the Muddy Buddies. Now it’s time to get fancy. Start laying out your pretzels

14. Oh my Gosh! Look how pretty this is.

15. Pour the M&Ms all over and boom!

So, I set that all in the freezer to set up. After that, I’ll cut it up and put it in a bag.

I hope you enjoy it.

Will you try it?

What would you add or do different?

Have a happy and safe 4th of July.


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