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Build your Disney Bounding Wardrobe

This looks like a pile of clothes. But, what if I told you this is my wardrobe for the Week and 5 different Disney characters are represented here?

This is Cinderella. Not the princess who went to the ball. This is Cinderella before the Fairy Godmother visited her. Blue shirt. Brown skirt. Black shoes.

Ursula. Purple shirt. Black pants. Black shoes. I accessorize with a silver shell necklace, an octopus necklace, and an octopus ring.

Sticking to The Little Mermaid theme, this is Prince Eric. Super simple with a white t shirt, blue jeans, and red belt. If you have anything anchor related jewelry wise it would make this outfit.

The Genie is also a super easy representation. Blue shirt and pants and red belt. Gold bangles would rock with this.

What you don’t see is the black and white polka dot shirt I made to go with this version of Cruella DeVille. Black boots would work this as well as a black and white polka dot purse.

These are my purple pants. I used my white t shirt and red jacket to get in touch with my inner Captain Hook. I wore a Peter Pan bracelet that I got from Wish.

So, that’s what I wore this week. What characters would you like to see me bound as next?

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