The Better Side of Humanity

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Verbally, I have no words for what has happened. I can not express with my mouth and vocal cords what the last 24 hours has done for me.

I was shown a slight, a brief eclipse into the heart of humanity. And with the force and brightness of 1000 suns you all came out and showed me what humanity is.

My posts have been liked, commented, and shared. My blog got more attention than It has ever. And people came out to defend against a bully.

I hope you all see what you’re capable of when we come together. When we are united, we can accomplish so much.

Have you seen the world around us? Have you looked at social media? Name calling, bullying, and threats of violence because people have different opinions.

I hope you all take this situation with you in real life. Remember that your words have power. You can choose to build someone up or tear someone down.

I hope you use your words wisely. I hope you choose to build others up. I hope you choose to build yourself up.

And for today, let me tell you. I’m proud of you. You’re worth it. And I love you.


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