Smart Mom’s Guide to Back to School Shopping

It’s been back to school season here in Jomo since July 5th. Thanks, Wal-Mart.

And the lists just came out about a week ago. Have you seen these lists? Holy cow! If you have more than one kid, you need to take out a loan just to get them in the door.

It’s not even tax free day yet. Have you seen this hot mess? People battling each other for the right binder and backpack. Last year, I saw two women fist fighting in the aisle for the last folder with pockets and brad fasteners.

I knew there had to be a better way. Especially for an introvert like me. Seriously, sales mean people and I’m not about that social life.

That’s when I found back to school bundles on Amazon. Life changing.

Click here for Kindergarten supplies

Click here for 1st to 5th grade supplies

Click here for Middle and High School supplies bundle

I’m not saying it’s going to help you create Pinterest worthy school lunches or make homework time a piece of cake. But, it will make this first part pretty easy.

I have a high school freshman and an 8th grader. What grades are your kids going into?


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