Back to School Advice (from adults who have been there and done that)

Your health is more important than their attendance numbers.

Remember that it is OK to ask for help, to take break’s, to breathe freely.

Question everything.

Always be nice to the weird kid

Be the best you you can be. 💜

Stand for something or you will fall for anything. Remember you’re there to educate YOURSELF not your “friends” or teachers. Relax have fun. Pray everyday all day. WE LOVE YOU. COME HOME SAFE

People can be mean! Don’t let the bullies break your spirit. Talk to someone and express your emotions because someone loves you in your life and they will help you when you feel down. Stay true to you!

Be kind. You never know what that kid sitting next to you is dealing with at home. You may be the only friendly face they see. You’re may be the only kind words that they hear. Always be kind.

Be brave and kind.

Plan ahead! Your teacher gives you a syllabus at the start of the semester which allows you to plan ahead. So there is no excuse for falling behind just because you were sick. Use that to keep yourself on pace or to get ahead.

Don’t worry about being popular, focus on your academics. Popularity will come when you are successful after school.

Relationships aren’t important! You are going to school for an education, not to gather notches for the number of people you fell in and out of love with.

Don’t cave to peer pressure. Stay away from the drugs, the alcohol, the parties.

Don’t join up with the frats or sororities. Instead look for more meaningful groups that will look good on your CV/Resume.

Don’t expect the professor to drop everything at a drop of a dime for you. Make sure you have done the work prior to seeking out their help. Remember, you are just one person out of a few hundred that they are responsible for teaching. There are plenty of resources available for help if you seek them out. Start with your academic advisor, they are your best resource.

Every campus has a food pantry that is free for students. The faculty and staff donate either goods or a portion of our check to make sure the shelves are stocked. Seek them out for help with not only food, but things to keep your body clean and clothing clean! Being clean will help prevent illness!

Every campus also has a surplus store, use that resource to get nearly new computers and other equipment for much cheaper to be more frugal. Remember, you are here for an education, not a popularity contest of having the latest and greatest. And if you purchase electronics, campus IT systems will install everything you need as a student and help you with any issues while you are a student. You purchase from non-surplus, guess what, something goes wrong, that is on you!

Most of all, don’t be afraid to change your major! 60% of kids change their major at least 1 time before the end of their Freshman year! 70% by the end of their Sophomore year. 40% by the end of their Junior year. And amazingly, 10% will add a 5th year of school in just to change their mind again for their major!

If you need money, there are plenty of jobs listed on the university employment site looking to hire students only! They are required to work around your class schedule and not give you less than 20 hours per week (more if you want them).

Check into internship programs to do for your major program during your Freshman year to do your Junior year. The programs fill up quickly so don’t wait until that summer before your Junior year to start applying for the internships, because they won’t be there and that will delay your graduation significantly!

You are stronger than you realize.

Be vigilant!

Keep up the great work.
Your principal and teachers are impressed.. they might give you a library job.
Remember the end goal.. better school.. less homework.. more money.
Help your math teacher if they’re not sure of an answer.

Help other kids is fine.. but only after you finish your own work and get permission.

Take care of you. If you need a break, mental health included than take a break! Shit can wait, your health cannot.

Be yourself and don’t worry about them. Do for you and only you. The rest works itself out in the end.

Don’t be a jerk. Stand up for the little guy. Treat people like you want to be treated.

Most importantly be yourself!

Remember to use your words. Be kind. Believe in yourself.

Make memories. Take chances. Make mistakes.


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