A Day in the Life of a Train Wreck Mom

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I’m going to give you an inside look in to my life. All aboard, train wreck.

730 am. I woke up like this. Literally. The T Rex decided jumping on me is the best way to wake me up. Yay!

800 am. Watching Team Uni Zoomi. And my hair looks faboo in this pic.

900 am now we’re watching Paw Patrol. OK. I’m watching Paw Patrol. The T Rex is playing on his tablet. I really need to get up and clean. And do laundry. And dishes. And clean the bathroom. Why does none of this get done throughout the week?

930 am. Why is there always a pile of laundry on my couch?

945 am What is wrong with us as people? This is a Wal-Mart bag filled with trash from the living room. Does my family not know where the trash can is? Or did their legs stop working?

1000 am Are there other people living in my house that I’ve never seen? There are only five last time I counted. What is this madness? But why, tho?

1100 am Watching ghost stories and eating popcorn.

100 pm Hayhay got new glasses. I think look awesome. The Wal-Mart ladies were so nice telling us about Zenni and how we can save money. They even changed the nose pads on her glasses because they were little too big.

216 pm running around. Need fuel. 5 servings? Ok. Sure.

400 pm. Running around and no sleep for a week is no match for the Starbucks. Nap time.

530 pm. Well, that didn’t last long. But, look who’s sleeping now?

621 pm. I’m making dinner and these two are crashed out.

647 pm. What’s for dinner? Breakfast for dinner.

741 pm. Dinner was awesome.

857 pm. Ghost Adventures time. I swear this floor was clean today.

1024 pm. Still watching Ghost Adventures but now I have a cat butt in my face.

1030 pm. The King is playing with the T Rex’s Baby. This is the highlight of my day. I don’t usually stay up this late but this was definitely worth it.

1100 pm. Bedtime. I know the day wasn’t super exciting. But, this is the norm around here. Especially three days before payday. So, hope you enjoyed this peek into our lives here at Train Wreck Estates.

What does your day look like?

School’s starting. Grab some crayons here.


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