Laundry: A Mom Rant

If you read my blogs on a regular basis you know I have a few kids. 2 teen girls and a 4 year old boy. Like most mom’s, I have taught my girls how to do the laundry. Now, I don’t expect them to do my laundry, my husband’s laundry, or my son’s laundry. I literally only make them responsible for their own clothes that they wear on their bodies.

It has been a month since I have seen either one of my girls do their laundry. Which makes me wonder a few things. Are they wearing dirty clothes or do they have too many clothes?

Both are possible.

But What’s burning my flame right now is the attitude I get when they don’t have clean clothes. Like, hi. No. You waited until then last minute to wash your clothes and in your selfish, hasty actions didn’t turn the dryer on when you threw the clothes in from the washer.

So, no, child. Your jeans are not in the dryer. They are not dry. They are not ready to be worn. Because you tried to shortcut your way through life and this is what happens.

I’d like to think the child in question learned a lesson but by her actions and attitude after I told her the clothes weren’t even in the dryer, I’m thinking she is going to have to go through this about ten more times before she figures it out.

Currently, instead of checking the clothes in the dryer for dryness, she is lying on the couch, huffing, puffing, and pouting.

Am I a terrible human being? Probably. Am I bad parent? I don’t think so but the committee is still out on that. Until the deliberations are done, I’ll just keep on doing my laundry and expecting my kids do be responsible for their chores.


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