September Goals

August was nuts! Between the kids starting school, the King finishing school, peak season at my job, and deciding to sell the property and move we could use a breather.

Too bad that ain’t happening any time soon.

I’ve started taking writing classes. Im going to really dig down and work on writing a book a month.

The King is still looking for a job.

And then there’s the house situation. We need to clean up our current house and property, get it sold, put a down payment on the new house, clean the new house and the property, and then move in.

Let’s not forget keeping up with the kids and their schoolwork.

Oh, and boyfriends. That’s right. The Bunny has discovered dating. More like boys have discovered the Bunny.

So, what’s this mean for goals?

1. Carve out writing time. At least 1000 words a day.

2. Purge, clean, and pack as much as possible.

3. Have conversations with the Bunny about responsible dating.

4. Meditate and try not to take work stuff personally.

So, those are my goals. What are your goals for this month?


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