The Zombie Survival Guide: A Review

One of my all time number one favorite books would have to be “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks. I came across this book several times while on Myspace. Jay, Grant, Steve and Brian from the SyFy channel series “Ghost Hunters” liked it. At a church function, a girl was trying to convince her parents that the church needed to be a stronghold defense against a zombie attack.
So, yeah, I was curious. I got it. I devoured (heehee) it in less than a day. And I have to say you look at the world a little different after reading it. I noticed I checked out my house, my sister’s apartment complex, and our places of employment to see how they would rate against even a minor class two invasion.
I’d have to say we would fare better at my sister’s apartment. Better vantage points for sniping the buggers in the head and her brother has a good lot of weapons (paintball guns) that could be used for defense. Plus it’s on the second floor and zombies are not so good at opening doors or climbing stairs. Downfall, she lives near a hospital which would most likely be the epicenter of an outbreak.
Now, I’m not saying zombies can’t climb, but they aren’t very good at it. I mean rotting limbs and all can only do so much. don’t underestimate them. They are tenacious. I mean, they don’t feel pain, so banging a door down after 36 solid hours of pounding on it with your dead rotting arm will not bother them. It will, however, bother you. I mean, you know what it’s like when someone keeps ringing your doorbell like 15 times. Imagine that for 36 hours except the person knocking doesn’t want to save your soul they want to eat you.
And it won’t be just one. I guess they can hear a sniffle from a hundred miles away. Any pounding or shotgun shots would be heard by every zombie in a hundred-mile radius. Which would suck for me and my sister because we work in daycare. Meaning screaming, crying children. We’d be like zombie central. .
But, at least I’ve read the book and I’m prepared.

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