Halloween Games for 2 and 3 year olds


Bobbing for apples isn’t always the best Halloween game. Especially if you have very small children. Here are some ideas for the smallest trick or treaters to have fun at your Halloween party.


One of my all time favorites is Pin the whatever on the whatever. Let me explain. Pin the wart on the witch. Pin the witch on the broom. Pin the electrodes on the Frankenstein. Pin the fangs on the vampire. You get the drift. Use stickers that are reusable.


Another is Mummy Wrap. This is where someone, like a parent or teacher, stands still long enough to get wrapped in toilet paper. One ply is cheaper and a bit easier to break out of after words.


Then there’s Spider Toss. Make a web from contact paper and toss little pompoms in to the web and have them stick. You can even go to the dollar store and pick up some little plastic bugs.


You could paint some milk jugs like pumpkins or mummies and go bowling.

Bone relay races. You could paper mache the bone or just go to the Halloween aisle of the dollar store.

Toss the bugs into the cauldron.

You could get some stickers and decorate some orange balloons like Jack O’Lanterns. There’s always face painting or tattoos.

Have them decorate their own treat bags.

You could have them paint T shirts.

Or they could make reflective necklaces for Trick or Treating. Great for lacing and fine motor skills.

There’s always mini pumpkin toss.

I hope this gives you some ideas.


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