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Are you hosting a Halloween party for your kids at home, or helping with a classroom party? Providing engaging games and activities to entertain sugar-fueled children will prevent your guests from becoming little Halloween monsters.

Pumpkin Pass Along

person hands squash fruit

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Before the party, make some jack-o-lanterns using orange rubber balls (about the size of oranges) and a permanent marker. You’ll need one for each team. Divide the players into teams.

To start the game, place the “jack-o-lantern” under the chin of the first player. That player passes the “jack-o-lantern” to the next player without using hands and then to the next player and so on.

The first team to pass the pumpkin all of the way through the line wins.

You can also play this game by passing the Pumpkin from player to player using hands behind the back which isn’t quite as fun but also does not require the players to get so “personal “.

Mummy Wrap Relay

brown and white bear plush toy

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Divide the players into groups. I find groups of three or four work best.

Each group needs a player that is the “mummy” and the other players are the “wrappers”

Provide each group with a roll of toilet paper. The object of the game is to be the first group to wrap a mummy using the entire roll of tissue.

Trick or Treat

action activity balls day

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Before the party cut several strips of paper; about twice as many strips as there are children.

Then on half of the strips write the word “treat”. On the other half write “trick” with a trick such as “hop on one foot”, “pat your head and rub your belly”

Then place all of the strips in a Halloween bag. Have the children form a circle.

Walk around the circle. Each player will draw a paper out of the bag and perform a trick or receive a treat such as a sticker, Halloween pencil or small piece of candy.

Ring the Pumpkin

close up photography of a pumpkin

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You’ll need a large pumpkin with a nice long stem.

If you have rings from a summer yard game, use those or make your own rings with thick rope and duct tape. Take turns attempting to get your ring around the stem of the pumpkin by tossing it from a distance – like a ring toss or horseshoe game.

Pumpkin Bowling

agriculture color fall farm

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Have you ever tried to roll a pumpkin in a straight line?

Make your pins using empty plastic soda bottles, filled half way with sand or water.

Then roll a medium or small pumpkin into your pins…. just like you would a bowling game.

It’s much harder than you’d think, especially if you play the game on the lawn.


Get Crafty

green and white frog origami

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An easy craft is always a great addition to a party.

Face Paint

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Enlist a talented teen to help at your party by add small features to existing costumes or small Halloween images onto party guests cheeks; pumpkins, ghosts and spider webs are easy to make.

If you are helping with a classroom party, bring some face paint along.

It’s not uncommon for there to be children without costumes.

They’ll feel much better with a little face paint application.


healthy snack movie popcorn

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Surprise party guests or classmates with a spooky snack!

You’ll need:

Clear disposable plastic gloves,

prepared popcorn,

red or green small gum drops and

spider rings (optional).

Place a gumdrop into each finger of the glove (these are the fingernails) fill glove with pop corn.

Tie off the end of the glove with a rubber band or ribbons.

Add a spider ring for fun.

Until next time..keep life fun and festive

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