The Walking Dead: TV Show vs Graphic Novel

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October 2010, I waited, quietly, anxiously, for the premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC. I should have been in St Louis on a business trip. Instead, I sat watching the clock for the moment it would start. I was not disappointed.

Being the zombiphile that I am (that’s someone who loves zombies, not in a weird way) it was almost law for me to watch this. And from the start, I was hooked. From the first 5 minutes to the last 5 minutes, this show is the perfect example of what a drama should be. The writing, the scripts, the cast. it all comes together in perfect bloody harmony.

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Does the story line follow the graphic novels (love that phrase by the way) word for word? No, And I am really glad it doesn’t. Where would the surprise be? The mystery, the intrigue? I know there are purists out there complaining about the addition of characters and such. Seriously? There is only so much that can fit inside a comic book (there, I said it.) This is an hour long show. Something’s going to have to give.


I actually got into it with a local radio host over The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire. Although he had never seen Walking Dead due to it’s scary nature, he proclaimed Boardwalk Empire to be far superior to a bunch of shambling, moaning brain eaters. Ding ding ding. Round one. Boardwalk Empire is about the former glory days of my old stomping grounds, Atlantic City. Having grown up in that environment I can tell you the only drama and suspense that comes from gambling is wondering how you’re going to pay the sharks. There is nothing glorious or glamorous about gambling. I understand there are the personal relationships and all that. Those don’t last in a place where money is king. Personal experience. True story, film at 11. Anyway, with Walking Dead, You get to know the characters, their stories. And you really do think to yourself, If I had to make the choice to shoot my friend or family memeber, would I? Could I? And then you see characters you’ve grown to love turned into these undead beings and you see their family making the same choice.

Now, the graphic novels are amazing. They’re the whole reason we’re talking about this. They are beautifully drawn. Just stunning. And the story lines, you are truly drawn into their world. And I absolutely love that the whole thing has now spawned actual novels. I have a feeling the novels are more for the people who have read the graphic novels and not just relied on the television show. The first book starts with the life story of a character that I hope will turn up in the show.

Right now, I am sitting, reliving the excitement, waiting for season where are we at now to start. I found my on demand has season 1 right now. Not like I don’t own it on BluRay but hey, now I don’t have to go through getting up off my couch. I can sit, like a zombie, and stare in all the undead goodness.

If you like the Walking Dead, show or books, can I get a BBBRRRAAIIINNNSSS?


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