Let People Enjoy Things

This post was in a Disney group I’m in. Disney people are a special breed. Like writers. Gamers. Foodies, etc. You know. People who have hobbies and an interest to take their minds away from the mundanity and insanity of daily life.

Ok, kids. Time for a chat. I’m getting damn tired of hearing this is ok but only if you’re this. Halloween is ok but only if you’re under 12. Colored hair is ok but only if you’re under 30. Disney is great but only if your a kid.

Listen here. Let people enjoy things. Oh video games and super heroes are ok only if you’re under 20. That’s weird. I guess I should tell the collection of geekery that I own that it now belongs to my kids.

Since when do hobbies have an age or gender associated with it? In fact, most of my hobbies and my proficiency have come because of my age.

Oh, you’re 20 and knit? Are you trying to look like an spinster? Yes, Agatha. I am. And I will go arsenic and old lace on your judgemental ass if you don’t bibbidibobbiddi back the hell up.

This is the moment when instead of backing down you ramp up. Don’t like my backpack? Here comes a tiara. Oh that’s too much? Ima step in full costume. Go home so I can change? I have a change right here. In my fabulous princess backpack.

Tell your boss to take several seats and say it loud and proud for the people in the back. LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS!


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