My Top 4 Witch Books

I love Silver Ravenwolf. I know many pagan/witchy people aren’t really a fan. But I am. She has very much influenced the way I write. Aside from that, I love this book. It’s like sitting with your best friend, drinking coffee, and discussing history, herbs, recipes, and faith. I love the informal tone. You learn without being preached to.

This was the first book I ever bought about the subject of Wicca. Scott has this wonderful, warm, welcoming tone to his writing that says, “Come on in, and sit for a spell.” His writing isn’t hippie,.dippy, trippy. It’s honest, straightforward, and elegant. The exercises are simple and effective. This is a well cherished book in my collection.

I got this one for the Bunny for her 13th birthday. And we love it. I’ve incorporated it into her homeschooling lessons. I love that it gives information relevant and relatable to. Most books on paganism, witchcraft, and Wicca are written for and from an adult perspective. It’s nice to see something for making friends, dealing with bullies, and keeping calm for the big test. Again, it’s written in a way that educates without being condescending or preachy. It also doesn’t underestimate the reader which I’ve found a lot of books written for teens by adults have a tendency to do.

How wonderful is this book?! I love the way it presents mythology. And the crafts and recipes just make for a wonderful bonding moment with your little witchlings. It’s well written and helps keep interest for both parent and child. 
Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions
These books have helped me become the witch and witchy mama I am today. What are your favorites?  What books are in your broom closet?


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