Happiness Challenge Day 29

Love helping people I am a people-pleaser. I want to make people happy I want to solve problems and make their lives better so I try to help as many people as I can. Maybe that’s why I’ve always worked in jobs where people and yes Day Care Counseling that too it’s aren’t happy and those parents aren’t happy happy and I know some people will sit and say oh it’s because you’re a Libra. Libras like balance that is true I do have a tendency to like equality fairness even miss. When I feel things are not fair I tend to get a little bit out of shape I don’t think that has anything to do with the way the Stars aligned on the day of my birth I just think that’s my personality. I love helping people though. I honestly did not think I was going to enjoy working a call center phone job again. Very good luck the first time I did telecommunications. First Call Center job credit card company sales were involved as well it’ll be God’s honest truthful with you selling as tits on a hound these are products in my opinion that should not have been products they should have been an automatic thing everyone talks about corporations and greed like these two products were the height of that one thing we sold was payment protection that was for if there were a natural disaster or if your house caught on fire deployed to serve in the military then you could put off paying your credit card for 6 months. Party but common decency if that point kicks in with me people don’t have homes there. Here in Joplin new Year’s there was a massive tornado the deadliest one on record I doubt anyone in those three situations was thinking about their credit card bill and I think it’s crap and I think it was something like $0.69 on every dollar of your balance is what they charged you for this payment protection. And that went towards a sort of savings you were able to make your payment they would just take it out of this. I think that’s b*******. It’s bad enough these people have lost their homes our families it literally would not impact that much for these companies to sit there and say hey you know what it’s not like a savings account bad things happen we get that period to get back on your feet. Another nonsense thing that we sold was fraud protection protection we sold this. We made people pay extra for something that we should have been doing all along I think it was like $39 to protect yourself against someone else using your card and you not having to pay for it why the hell should I pay for it? I didn’t do it we know I didn’t do it have to pay for that mark I feel it’s fear-mongering it’s terrible and it’s a terrible way to run a business that is terrible and those companies should feel terrible and because of stuff like that and because of the way that I felt about it I didn’t think it was right and because I didn’t sell a lot I didn’t think it was right to try to offer these products to people who were screaming at me because they got a $39 late fee but here let me try to offer you this fraud protection or this payment protection are you kidding me who thinks that’s a good idea I hated that job I did not feel like I was helping anyone or making anything better for anyone. So I went back into daycare went back to preschool early childhood education whatever you want to call it doing massage therapy massage therapy was so amazing it was literally. People came to me they were either hurt relax and I helped them I hope the Christmas time cuz I was a great gift let me tell you. I’m good at what I did perseveres and time myself back at a call center I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy this as much as I do I’ve been here for 7 months where is smile going in coming out. I feel like I do things to help people. I get told on a regular basis people understand the program how it works and what they need to do on top of the people who call on the phone I’m helping people on the floor new to teammates that are coming on board I’m really hoping propensity to help people it’s going to pay off I have an interview tomorrow kaiser position I won’t know until Monday if I get it it’s going to be a real long weekend and there was another position that was open and it’s kind of like helping people to it’s basically listening to the calls and seeing if they fall into alignment with policies it’s quality in that analysis I thought about it but I didn’t want to be taken away from my friends on the floor or the opportunities that I have out there to help people. One of my favorite parts of the job I have now unity to boost morale I started this back in October we had a little graveyard scene and if you hit this stat you got to put you’re up for like a ghost or a pumpkin some spooky thing that that’s sort of goofiness. I don’t think I would have done in my daycare we did turkeys for Thanksgiving he represented a different stat that we need I kind of boosted it a little bit where you would get a feather for every day that you hit your stats well on that feather you had to write what you were grateful for. Those are some good looking turkeys I like doing stuff like that it seems that it’s actually appreciated the supervisor seem to like it. Manager seem to like it. And it’s a nice respite phone going to take a moment being silly so today I’m going to do one of those things that I do best trying to help people I will share knowledge and wisdom if I don’t know something I will research look it up. I will do my best to make people feel better uation. I will help people better understand. And then helping them I’m helping myself. Self learn grow and be even better at what I do. Today I will help people.


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