Happiness challenge day 30

Today’s the last day. This is it. This is the final day. And of course this task has got me sideways. Travel to a new place. Hellooooo. I work. I have a job. I have a family. I can’t just up and go somewhere. Plus, where I live, there’s not a whole lot of options for places to go.

But I did go in a direction that was new for me. I threw my hat into the management ring.

An opening came up at work for a supervisor position. I was aware of it about two weeks before it came public. My supervisor brought it up to me and suggested I go for it. Now, I’ve never seen myself as managerial. But this meant a lot to me. I’ve never been approached about being a boss type person.

My stats are good. My attendance is pretty much 100 percent for the past 2 months. And I love helping people do their jobs better. So this seemed like a smart choice.

Yes, there is more money involved. Yes, there are more hours involved. Yes, I would be salaried instead of hourly. Pros and cons. I’m a libra. This is what we do.

Everything was looking good. Then, it went not so well. The supervisor who suggested I try got fired. We still don’t know what happened. And a guy who was training to be a manager came back from training. So, yeah. I’m thinking, “He’s a shoe in. Why try?”

You know why? Because even though this other guy has managerial ambition and personality, he’s not me. I’m the one starting the contests. I’m the one sending awards to everyone on the team every week. I’m the starting pot lucks. I’m the cheerleader.

Where this cat is good at knowing things and directing, I’m good at delivering that message. I’m amazing when it comes to explaining things. And when it comes to empathy, that is all me. I get it. You have kids, you have family situations. Life happens.

Now, what I’m not is a babysitter. I will hold your hand but eventually you have to take those steps on your own. I’m going to let go of the back of the bike and you’ll have no training wheels. In the end, I’m not working in daycare anymore. Wipe your own butt.

And you might be thinking, “Wait. There was a spot before the manager was fired. So, two spots should have been available.” Yeah, that’s what we thought, too. However, there was only one. In the end, the cat with the training got the job.

Am I upset? Nope. Because I went for it. I tried. I went into some thing new. And it paid off. They’re going to start training me as a supervisor. And another position is coming up. It was strongly recommended that I apply again. In the meantime, I’m going to be getting overtime. Before the holidays. So, bonus nachos.

I’m excited for the new places this opportunity will take me. I’ve never been in a position like this before. I’ve never been trained to be more. Not bad for a job I didn’t think I would like.

So, today, I will look to the future. I will make a map to guide me along my way. Who am I kidding? This is an excuse to buy another planner. Because I need to make it look like I’ve got my shit together. I’m a supervisor in training. I may even have to buy pants that fit. And aren’t jeans. I will make a list of the good supervisors I’ve had in the past and what made them good. I will work on the things in myself that are not so good.

Today, I will travel somewhere new.


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