My husband, the robot wrangler

If you’ve followed me for a while, you may remember that for the past three years, I’ve been the bread winner of the family. My husband, the King, had been going to school for IT. He graduated in August 2018.

And we thought, cool, he’s gonna get a job and life is gonna be awesome. Fast forward to January. That’s right. January. And he finally got a job. And it’s just about the coolest damn thing ever.

My husband is a robot wrangler.

Yeah. A robot wrangler. For Wal-Mart.

OK. So, he actually works for a company called Bossa Nova Robotics. But still. He got a job. It pays awesome. And he watches a robot scan the shelves and products. It’s a pretty sweet and easy gig.

But like most jobs in the public, he has to deal with the public. And we have all seen those People of Wal-Mart posts. Wal-Mart is the den of inequity. It’s enough to make you ask What in the Methamphetamine is going on here?

Just in the one week he’s worked with the robot, come home with a few interesting stories.

He was accused of allowing the robot to move pudding. That’s right. A lady yelled at my husband for letting the robot move cases of butterscotch pudding. Did I mention the robot doesn’t have arms?

Look at it. No arms. No claws. Nothing. Just a box, a neck, and a light. That’s it. My husband has learned how to use his customer service voice. I’m so proud of him.

The biggest challenge he’s had is the “It’s stealing jobs” people. It’s not. It’s really not. It is helping keep shelves stocked better. It’s helping inventory order what is needed so no more overstock. They still need a human to actually stock the shelves. And it gave someone a job. My husband.

He’s had some people who were excited by it. I’m one of them. It’s a freaking robot!!! Come on. The thing is like Wall-e and Eve mixed together. It’s so cool.

So, if you see the robot, or my husband, be nice. Yeah, it’s different. And a little weird. Just ask about it. My husband is a nice guy and will tell all about it and what it does and how it works.

If you’re hateful, he’ll just tell you to have nice day. His customer service skills are on point.


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