Why I love my mother in law

We’ve all heard our share if monster in laws. There are whole Dr Phil episodes dedicated to mothers in law from Hell. There’s even a movie or a hundred about terrible mothers in law.

I have a son now. I get it. No one is good enough for your baby boy. That’s cool. I was that daughter in law before. Nothing I did was good enough. Everything I did was criticized. When I was on bed rest I was accused of being lazy. When I got a job it wasn’t enough money. And let’s not start on parenting.

Seriously, dear ex mother in law. I dealt with your son for thirteen years. I assure you, you are not the person to be doling out parenting advice.

That all being said, let me tell you this. When I upgraded my husband, I upgraded my mother in law as well.

This woman has been through so much. She moved from Missouri to Alaska to Europe and back. She lost her husband unexpectedly. Breast cancer couldn’t even defeat her.

And she welcomed me into the family. I didn’t come into it the traditional way. That’s a post for a different day. But she could have shunned me and hated me.

She didn’t.

She loves the bunny like her own grandchild. She spoils t rex. She likes me enough to go to Disney with us. In a car. Driving. From Missouri. To Florida. While one of my kids had a stomach bug. Thats love and dedication. She likes me enough she’s willing to move in with us.

Today, she brought ginger ale for t rex. She knew he was sick and brought it for him to help him feel better.

She loves old movies and PBS. She’s very DIY and crafty. She loves her family.

She’s not just my mother in law. She is my mom away from my mom. It’s like the universe knew I needed my mom but she’s in Philly. And I’m not. So I got the Queen. And I am so truly happy and grateful for her.

I wish for everyone To have someone like the Queen in their life.

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