I got a corgi

Do you have life goals? Things you want to do, be, or have? I believe everyone should.

Mine are be a best selling author, buy and pay off a house, move to Florida, take my parents to Disney world, and have a corgi.

Yesterday, that last one came true.

For months, ok years, I’ve been watching videos and following Instagram posts or corgis. I know Gatsby and Topi. I scoured the buy sell trades and Craigslist. I called shelters and rescues. Finally, I found Kaysie. A sweet breeder from Arkansas.

I read the reviews on Facebook. I spoke to her. She interviewed me. I interviewed her. Once she had a litter, she would let me know.

December 20th happened and so did a litter of puppies. One was born female, red and white, with a little heart on her head.

Kaysie asked if I was still interested. Hell yeah I was. She sent videos and pictures. I sent a money order. She asked me what name I was giving the puppy. That was easy. Three years prior, I dreamed I had a corgi named Lucy Loo.

We drove almost 3 hours to pick her up. Kaysie greeted us at the door. She had a bag, a handmade rope, and squeaky toy squirrel named carrot, and the sweetest baby puppy I have ever seen. She was sleeping and soft and warm. She smelled so good.

She sat in a box the whole way home. Ok. Not the whole way. I had to snuggle her for a few minutes. We got home. And that’s when the real adventure began.

She hates her collar. Fights the leash. And howls when she needs to pre. My son is an absolute energy tornado around her. I’ll be training Lucy and him how to act around each other.

She’s had two accidents inside. I need a new pair of shoes from stepping in puppy droppings outside. (No they can’t be washed. They’re three years old and would probably fall apart. Plus they’re my only shoes.)

Right now, she’s sleeping on my lap and arm. She chases the cat who is not too happy about this situation.

But hasn’t hissed it swiped at the puppy. For Pooka, that’s big.

She’s so sweet and cute and I can’t wait to share her adventures with you all.


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  1. Fellow corgi mom here! 🤚 Can I just stare at Lucy Loo a little bit longer? She is perfect! Good luck with the housetraining! it took me a good 6 weeks to train my baby Buster, meaning I was sloooow. 😃 Oh and that yummy puppy smell.. I believe I can still smell it on my boy … but hes 3 now 🤣. Let’s be friends. Shoot me a message if you want to talk “corgi.”-Ally-Rose


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