Our first Pupbox

Tax refund came in. I already knew I was going to get a subscription to PupBox. I had seen the videos of people doing box openings. I saw the ads. I knew I was going to be that corgi mom who spoils her puppy baby.

I had no idea how much I would love it from the start.

These sweet potato fries were amazing. I never imagined a dog would be so in love with a vegetable. They fit perfectly inside the Puppy Kongs if you folded them.

And speaking of Puppy Kong, how amazing is this. First, it’s pink. Each box is geared for boy or girl puppies. They also have a profile about the breed, coat, size, weight, and age. This box is geared for chewing. Because at her age, the puppy teeth are falling out. Chewing on good things keeps them from chewing on your shoes, purses, tables, and children. I have a whole Pinterest board just of Kong recipes. I told you; I’m that corgi mom.

This is the cutest little bag. It slips over your waistband or onto a pocket. It holds treats for training. And at her age, now is the best time to train. It helps having the treats right there to reward her for doing the things we want her to do.

This is Froggy. Lucy Loo loves Froggy. She loves to shake him, bite him, and make him squeak. It gives her something appropriate to chew on and play with the way puppies play.

This is special puppy peanut butter. Lucy Loo loves peanut butter. But, it’s full of sugar. So, we now have puppy peanut butter. This is a great topper and mixer for Kongs. If I put it in with her puppy food, she will work that Kong for about thirty minutes trying to get every last lick out.

These are training treats. They fit in the pouch. Perfectly. Lucy Loo isn’t a big fan of these. But, she still likes being rewarded for going potty, sitting, and other things.

So, there’s my review. Click here for your own Pupbox subscription.

So, tell me: Will you be ordering a PupBox?


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