Spring Cleaning

What do you get when you binge watch Hoarders during spring cleaning season? An epic cleaning meltdown. Adding to that: My mother in law is moving in with us. This week. Holy cow!

This meant we needed one room completely cleaned out. There is no way the teen girls can share a room. We would have an episode of Cops filming here with an appearance on Dr. Phil shortly after.

Our only choice was to move T Rex into our bedroom.

If you’ve ever rearranged rooms or furniture you know how much trouble this can be. Let me give you the run down of how this all went.

Last week, I purged clothes and toys from T Rex’s room. That resulted in one bag of trash, one bag of donations, and a load of laundry. We needed to set up his bed in our room. Our bed got moved over two or three feet and his bed got set up next to my side if the bed.

On Tuesday, we got rid of two desks and three bookshelves. There were remnants of my ex in those. It feels so good to get rid of them. But that left Bunny with no place to put her clothes for a while.

This weekend, I finished his old room. It is totally empty and ready for mom.

Our room needed a lot of work. There were three suitcases filled with clothes for T Rex. We sorted, purged, and put away a lot. At this point we were at three bags of trash and four bags to donate. We had to clean and clear our dresser to take into Bunny’s room. We are getting mom’s old bedroom suite. We are getting Mom’s mattress. Our mattress is going to Hayhay. She is getting Mom’s bed. We haven’t even gotten in there yet. I had to purge my clothes. Adding another bag to the donate load.

The bathroom is the bane of my existence. I pulled a bag of trash out of it. I washed the bath rugs but lost Lord Vader in the process. We have a star wars bathroom.

Now that Bunny has a decent dresser, we could go through her clothes. And we did. Another bag of trash and one more for the donation.

We’re almost ready for move in. I know I’ll have to do a little over the week. But I will say: Marie Kondo ain’t got nothing on Hoarders.

How’s your spring cleaning going?


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