How I Became a Witch

Let me tell you a story. The story of how I became a witch.

Rewind the clock 23 years ago. My 2 best friends run up to me as I was sitting on my steps. “We just saw the craft and we’re gonna be witches and we’re gonna be able to do things.”

They were very excited. I was nonplussed. They went on to say they would us their powers for fun like making the stop sign disappear. I was like, why? Why do that? You have power so you’re gonna use it to fuck shit up. Yokay. Gods help them they were serious. Being the individual I am, I did research.

I got books from the library. I got books from the store. This was the early ages of internet but I researched what I could find. What I found was such a far cry from the movie. Being a witch wasn’t about tricking people or revenge. It’s about love. And energy. And respect. We started our own group the three of us. We picked up a 4th a little later.
23 years later, I’m still here. Stirring my coffew clockwise. Drawing sigils on my windowsills for protection. And putting up domes of protection during storm season. I still stand out in the moonlight and say thank you even if it’s at 9 instead of midnight. I still set aside a beer for Brigid on imbolc and a plate of chicken for my grandfather at samhain.

I have been ridiculed, persecuted, and feared for my beliefs. I’ve lost jobs and had someone threaten to take my kid. I have been slandered and outcast.
And I’ve been empowered. I’ve been emboldened and strengthen. I’ve become wiser and educated. And stronger.
So, when I say I’m a witch, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’re not asking something I haven’t heard. Just know, that I’m not worshipping anything evil (don’t believe in that), I don’t eat babies, and I only fly southwestern (they have the best cookies). And yes I have a black cat. But she’s more furry furniture than anything.
Blessed be.


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