I’m warm.

The temps bottomed out. There’s ice. There’s snow. The mud is hard. The leaves crunch. And I am sitting in my living room, warm. I don’t even have socks on. No blanket. No space heaters.

Weird flex, I know.

This new house has been such a blessing, an upgrade in our lives.

The amount of stress that leaves you when you don’t have to worry about being warm or the ceiling collapsing or an electrical fire. Even the small things like not stepping on slugs or fishing ants out of my coffee.

I can now focus on things like taking care of myself, writing, meal planning. Pretty much anything else I couldn’t focus on Because I was so attentive to the things that were falling in around me.

It really is the little things. Being warm and dry and comfortable in your home is such a blessing and I am just so happy and grateful for this home and this new start.

I can’t say how grateful I am enough to Ron M Jackson and the good people at Three Stone Homes for helping us be warm and safe this winter and many more to come. If you’re looking for a new home in Southwest Missouri, look here.

So tell me, What is your creature comfort? What’s the one thing you are grateful for in your home? What makes it home?

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