It’s cookie time.

I’ve been having a rough go mentally this week. So, it’s cookie time. Because cookies make everything better.

You’re going to need a rolling pin and a sheet.

We bought a big 30 ounce tube of sugar cookie dough.

This is the Chip and Joanna Gaines 24 in 1 cookie cutter. I got it from Target.

You’re going to need flour.

You need to add 1 cup of flour to the cookie dough to make it stiff enough to cut with the cookie cutters.

Roll that sucker out to about a quarter inch thick. I had trouble with my board sliding but keep going and I’ll show you a trick my kid learned in her cooking class.

Put your cookie cutter on the dough and press.

Holy hell, it worked!

After you move the cookies to a cookie sheet – I’ve been informed we have jelly roll pans, not cookie sheets – just work the dough again.

So here’s that cool trick. If your board slips and slides, take a wet paper towel and put it under the board.

My kid is actually learning something in school.

Set your oven to 350. While it’s preheating, put your cookies in the freezer to firm up. It helps them hold their shapes better.

Happy baking.

Are you a holiday baker? What kind of cookie is your favorite? Let me know.

Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe. That’s all I’ve got for now, trainwreck. All aboard.


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