Who the hell is Diane?

A lot of people talk about the symptoms of an anxiety or panic attack. Very seldom will you hear about post attack symptoms.

Dry mouth, exhaustion, embarrassment. I chew my tongue, cheeks, and lips during an attack. The pain after keeps me from eating. Not like I’m very hungry with the churning stomach and migraine.

The one that tops these for me is the brain fog. It’s hard enough to concentrate but this is like the steroids version.


Bonus daughter hands me her license and money to hold. Me to myself:

You have Danielle’s money and license. You have important things that belong to Danielle. You have Danielle’s stuff. You have Diane ‘s stuff. You need Diane’s stuffing recipe. Why do they call it dressing? I should do salads for lunch this week.

Danielle: hey can I get that 20?

Me: stares blankly. Your twenty what?

I really hope I can get this together. Or else I may try to stuff a turkey with lettuce or something weirder.


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