Thanksgiving 2019

Um, why is this turkey shy? Is it afraid to sneeze and pee?

The best seasoning. Butter. Two sticks. One rubbed on the skin and placed under the skin and one up its butt.

Why does it look weird?

Holy crap, I almost left the bag of guts in it.

Gotta cover it up. I don’t want it to see what’s about to happen.

Youse guys, I am praying I haven’t poisoned my family.

Gee, why couldn’t I open this can with the label upright?

We have a spice and seasoning problem in this house.

I love these two so much.

Oh my bread looks bombass!

Is it supposed to look like this?

It looks like a drunk prom queen.

Ooh I love my centerpiece.

My mother in law makes the best sweet potatoes.

I call this stuffing. My in laws call it dressing. What do you call it?

We’re going buffet style.

Round 1. And it begins.

I need to give him more turkey. Hes running nonstop through the house.

I’m trying to get him to snuggle to settle down.

Lucy Loo is tired. She got chased by and chased 4 kids all day.

They finally crashed. And that’s a wrap, train wreck.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to like share, comment, and subscribe. That’s all for today, train wreck. All aboard.


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