This train is already wrecked.

It’s the 4th. Of January. In 2020. And I’ve already failed at 90% of the things I wanted to do and be for the year.

I wanted to do yoga. I wanted to get back into walking more. I wanted to meditate more. I wanted to cut my sugar intake.

By day 2 I already took a panic attack. Day 3 brought the next one. My monthly cycle is kicking my ass and sapping my energy. And the migraine I’ve had for 4 days makes me want to live in the barn where it’s cold, dark, and quiet.

I was already feeling like 2020 was wasted and 2021 was the next chance.

Then, I got a message this morning. The short version was something i posted made someone feel good. It made them feel better about their life, their situation, themselves.

That brought me back. That brought me back to 2020. That brought me back to what the purpose of all of this was to start with it.

This blog was always supposed to be a little frustration, a little inspiration, and a little motivation. All of that mixed with sarcasm and humor. Whether I’m talking about my mental health, work, family, writing, and just random things that cause me to rant and rave.

This blog is here to serve as a reminder to everyone that you are not alone. Whether you’re having trouble keeping your house clean and organized, meal planning with picky eaters, going on vacation, or just getting dressed for work.

So, this train is getting back on track. And even though yoga may not be in the future, and meditation puts me to sleep, I will still share my life with you all. And hopefully, can laugh and cry, grow and share, and become better train wrecks.

All aboard.


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