How not to go gray gracefully.

I had a brilliant idea. Instead of allowing my hair to grow out normally, naturally, slowly, I was going to dye my hair gray. Because that’s what normal people do, right? Just jump to the end result. No annoying 18 month waiting period. No skunk stripe. Easy. Right?

Starting point

Do you see that stripe? I haven’t dyed since November 2019. But that stripe is older than that. Those strands of silver, gray, and white have been infiltrating my head since I was 16.

I will never forget it. It was Christmas day. I was wearing a very cute new sleep shirt that had white and silver snow on a blue background. I was just sitting there, minding my business, when OW! My mother stood there holding that one silver hair. But oh no. It wasn’t silver. Not according to her. It was white. She held it to the white snow on my shirt. It disappeared. Traitor. Betrayed by my own hair. Why was I not surprised? This is the same hair that made me look like a pomeranian licked a light socket.

But I digress.

This is a good idea.

So, Saturday, I made choices. I already had the dye. Extreme silver by overtone. Did the strand test and I knew. I had to go light. How light?

The face of regret

This is when you find out who are your friends. When you post a picture like this on social media, two types of people show up. The liars and your real friends. The world needs more real friends to tell you you’re an idiot. I had 2 people like that. They both messaged me and told me how to fix myself. I am thankful for my Guru and hair expert. The rest of them need glasses.

Is it better yet?

So, I did it all over again. And it got better.

This was after the first application of Overtone.

Not bad.

No, it’s not fried. I’m a wavy girl. When you brush this out, the result is the hair that ate Chicago. It also helps that Overtone is a conditioner. Yay!


Woohoo! Dyed, dried, styled. I got waves of gray.

So, that’s how not to go gray gracefully. We’ll see how this holds up but for now I’m super happy with the results.

Now to try that truth serum on my friends.

5 thoughts on “How not to go gray gracefully.

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  1. Pretty much my own experience. I had red dye in mine, stripped the colour, dyed it blond and then grey. It became dark brown, done the same process and it became patchy grey. Stripped it once more (surprised I have hair left) and end up going dark blond/light brown.
    Seemingly, you don’t dye it blond, this makes it too porous but apply it to “normal ” hair colour. At least that’s what the Swartzkoff people have advised.

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  2. Thanks for posting your story. As a color specialist I know how difficult this process is. I usually spend between 3-6 hours transitioning people., but their hair is left in amazing condition. This us due to using treatments and slowly removing color along with other professional products. Good luck!

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