For the Remembrance of You…

Death and dying is part of life. It’s in remembrance that we find immortality.


Death is inevitable; in this life, loss and grieving are inevitable as well. Sometimes when a loved one passes on, even though we are sad, we can look back knowing they had a long, full life and be grateful for their time with us. Sometimes even though the time we had with them was cut short, we can take bittersweet solace that they are no longer in pain after a long, horrible illness. Unfortunately, sometimes a person passes on unexpectedly… they were not done yet, and when we were not ready for them to just be gone. My beautiful friend, Blair, passed away unexpectedly a little over a week ago, before Christmas, before 2020, before the age of forty, before she was done, and before any of us were ready.

I met Blair when she became part of a church Life Group I was a member of, The Jaels. Our…

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