Camp Nanowrimo Day 2: Social distancing

Could you imagine a more amazing idea for an introvert than social distancing? Like, I don’t have to make excuses now. Can we come over? Sorry, social distancing. It’s lily’s birthday party at 3. Sorry, social distancing. Fourth of July family barbecue. Sorry, social distancing.

It’s literally the best thing ever. For me at least. I don’t know about you all, but I am loving this. I don’t have to be the weird one at the family functions. Now I can just be the weird one on my couch.

The only downside are these people I live with. You know. My family. Yeah. It’s not easy being weird and introverty when you’ve got someone asking for dino nuggets or why they have to do dishes. Like, hi, can you not see me sitting here with this book and tea? Come on. You’re six. You can use a toaster. It’s fine.

I know a lot people are barking about hair cuts, getting nails done, and getting a drink at the bar. That’s a whole lot of nope from me. It’s just way too peopley out there for me.

Now, I get the whole concept of it. The whole six foot thing is based on science. Breathing spreads germs. Germs travel. Apparently, no more than six feet away from the person who didn’t cover their cough. Ew.

I’m in no hurry to be where the people are. In fact, I’ve been trying to go back to working from home. Because pants and bras are seriously overrated.

If I could just stay in bed with my phone and kindle that would be amazing. And when I’m asked what I’m doing. That’s easy.

Social distancing.


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