Camp Nanowrimo Day 3: Read a book

Who knew all these years I was indulging in self care? I was ahead of the times, let me tell you. How many kids do you know that were excited to get books for their birthdays and Christmas?

I am constantly with a book as a companion. I think I carried Stephen King’s Eyes of the Dragon in my backpack for two years. I dont know what it was about that book but it struck a nerve with me. That’s the book that made me want to be a writer.

The thing about being a writer is you have to be a reader. See? I was already on it.

And now with technology: ebooks, audiobooks, kindle, reading apps. Oh my Lanta. I have access to millions of books. Classics, new releases, best sellers.

And free books. Not like library books that you have to give back but free for ever and always.

During this quarantine, I’ve discovered online book clubs. No meeting at someone’s house. No awkward gatherings. No, Karen, no one wants to buy your Norwex or Tupperware; can we get back to chapter 8?

One of the groups I’m in is just for audiobooks and walking. The books in that group tend to be motivational and inspirational. You know, life lessons and uplifting stories of triumph. God Shot was pretty good. And a great example of why cults are bad.

In contrast, the other two groups are for weird, fantasy, creepy, horror weirdos like me. American Sherlock was amazing. I am loving If It Bleeds.

Reading is a great way to escape. It’s weird and scary out there. It’s fun to slip into a place that’s equally if not more weird and scary. Although, now that we’re in Level 7 of 2020 apocalypse so maybe the creepy things in the books are going to happen.

Until that happens, I will read more books.


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