Camp Nanowrimo Day 11: Watch Your Favorite Show

The quarantine has given us an opportunity to find out what we’re made of and who we really are. Apparently, I’m made of marshmallow and I am really much weirder than previously thought.

I feel bad for anyone who has to go through my YouTube history. Between Dr. Pimple Popper, Brad Mondo, Jenna Moreci, and Bailey Sarian my watch list is a mess.

Yes, I’m one of those people. On so many levels.

And i feel like i need to explain myself. Dr. Pimple Popper helps my anxiety. I don’t know why. I’m sure there’s some deep psychological reasons for it. But the short version is that it helps my anxiety.

Brad Mondo is a joy. Not only does he show many, many examples of DIY gone badly but also how to do it right. His reactions are gold. And by now, we all should know to put bleach on the top of your head last because it processes faster due to the heat from your head.

Jenna Moreci is one of my favorite writing channels. She’s fun and funny. But she also teaches the marketing side. And she has the cutest puppy ever.

And then there’s Bailey. Murder. Mystery. And Makeup. And she does her own theme song. I have been binge watching her for almost 2 weeks now. She’s an amazing story teller. She’s raw and honest.

But what really impressed me with her is the brilliance of her channel concept. People love true crime. People love watching other people do makeup. And she put the two together. Brilliant. Talk about to great things that go great together. And I absolutely want a shirt that says Suspish.

So, for self care today, take some time to enjoy a show. It’s been shown that watching the same old shows you grew up watching helps alleviate stress and anxiety. It’s like visiting with old friends. So if your family bugs you about your Golden Girls marathon just tell them, “Pictuee it. 2020. The couch. I’m practicing self care.”


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