Camp Nanowrimo Day 9: Listen to Music

Let me tell you about music. That shit is powerful. It affects our mood. A song brings back memories. It transport us across time and distance.

We all have those songs that trigger memories for us. “Good morning, beautiful” was the song I heard when I woke up with my daughter our first night home from the hospital when she was born. I play it for her every morning for her birthday.

Fast forward a few years and I find myself triggered by Pink Floyd. So, much so I hid in the bathroom for thirty minutes.

Then there’s the song that played when I realized how much the King loved me before we were married. He drove 80 miles, one way, after work, just to take me grocery shopping for school lunches since school started the next day and I had no car. “Black water” played on the sound system at the store. And i looked at him and knew he was it. He was the one. We had said I love you before but that is when it hit me that someone could love you so much they would sacrifice time, gas, and sleep for you.

And for my son, we have “Baby Shark.” I can hear the groans now but hear me out. Coming back from Disney World, he got a little grumpy. He was 7 months old and confined to his car seat. We were all kind of grumpy. His favorite song at that time was not yet the commercial hit it has become now. We sang that song from Tennessee to our driveway. And he was happy. And sometimes that’s all it takes to make a great vacation.

So, today I will put on Spotify as I clean and sort through clothes for school. I move my body and my soul. And I will hit that skip button the instant Pink Floyd comes on. Because, self care.


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