Camp Nanowrimo Day 14: Listen to a Podcast

I know I’ve talked about podcasts before but things have changed. And my appreciation for them has only grown.

So, now I have a desk job. Not just any desk job but one in a cubicle. That’s right, train wrecks. I’m a cube rat. And I get to use my phone while I’m working.

I do listen to Spotify. They have a daily playlist for me. It’s called daily wellness and I love it. It’s a mix of podcasts for better mental health and upbeat, happy songs. And I get to use my ear buds so I can actually hear it.

That lasts about 90 minutes. Then I bust into the true crime podcasts. Because, I’m not ok. We need a store.called Forever 41. Fill it with wine, yoga pants, and ID discovery merch.

I have never been so happy to have earbuds and privacy. Some of these cases are messed up. I won’t go into too many details but yeah. Yikes with a capital Y.

I still stand by podcasts being a great resource of learning. We’ve been listening to dinosaur podcasts and Harry Potter being read chapter by chapter. I found podcasts for my teens for school to help them out.

Oddly enough, I’ve started my own podcast. You can check it out here:

Well, I have to get to work. And listen to Deepak Chopra and the story of the CandyMan.


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