My Top 10 Cozy Mysteries to Read in Fall 2020

2020 has sucked beyond all knowing. Who can blame a trainwreck for wanting to escape into a good book? I’m here to give you my recommendations for escaping the Pre Apocalyptic times we have found ourselves in.

A Fresh Kill, A Sweet Death, and A Crafty Crime by Eryn Scott. I loved this book series. The characters were well written. I was hooked and had to read the whole series. I love the recipes included.

Coconut Layer Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke. The story was good. It was a little difficult to get through on audiobook because her recipes are detailed. But she keeps them in character. This also isn’t the first in the series. I liked this book enough to start the series from the beginning.

Butter Witch, Treasure Witch, and Hidden Witch by Tess Lake. I love a good witch cozy. I loved the interactions between the aunts, cousins, moms, and daughters. And legit, never wanted to go to a butter festival and watch butter carving so bad since reading these.

Death Overdue by Allison Brook. How cute this book was!!! Oh my Lanta. I loved the relationship between the main character and her family and I just can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

Dead and Breakfast by Katie Kingsbury. If I could have a grandma like this. Oh, that would be a joy. I love older lady sleuths. Especially feisty old broads that won’t take hell no for an answer. This chick gets it done. And I am here for the whole series.

Written Off by EJ Copperman, Why wouldn’t I love a book about a writer confronted with her own fictional character come to life? The whole time you’re questioning your own sanity. Is he real or imaginary? Who’s crazy here? Loved it.

Catch a Tiger by Jennifer M. Baldwin (Hey, that’s me). This is my first in the Father Nicholas Mystery series. And I had so much fun writing it. So much so, I wrote a sequel and I’m working on the third and final installment.

Well, that’s my list of cozy mysteries you should read this Fall. Have you read any of them before? What are your favorites? Share with us. My TBR isn’t long enough yet.


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