Dear 2011 Me

Oh my lanta, if you only knew what was coming your way. The next ten years of your life are going to be the worst, the hardest, the most rewarding, the best of your life. You are going to fall hard. And the climb out of that hole is going try your mental well being and your soul.

You’re going to go through the greatest heartbreaks you’ve ever known. And hopefully you won’t know again. (I know that’s not true but we haven’t gotten there yet.) But then you are going to find that part of you that’s been missing. That part you had. That spark. And the pieces will come together and the glue will be true love. Love of yourself. Love of your family.

You’re going to find your true calling. And you’re going to help so many people. You’re going to inspire people. You’re going to cause waves. And you’re going to save people from the fate you suffered.

You’re going to cry enough salt water to fill oceans. Both happy and sad. You’re going to doubt choices you make. They may not be the smart choices but they are the right ones.

Your heart is going to crack with grief and it will swell with pride. And you’re going to do things you never thought possible. You’re going to write. You’re going to cut ties with people you thought would have your back for ever. You’re going to have good credit. A new car. A new home. A savings account. Credit cards. You’re going to willingly live with your mother in law. Not Donna.

You’re coming up on the darkest, bleakest winter of your life. But know this, you will get through it. You will rise like the proverbial phoenix. And you will be glorious.


2021 Me


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