Self care Saturday

Self care. There’s a lot of talk about it. The words conjure images of face masks, spa days, hair treatments.

That’s all nice and good. For 2019. But this is 2021. We’ve lived through 2020. Self care has taken on a whole new meaning.

Now we’re distance learning, distance working, social distancing. Face masks are neither soothing or beautifying.

Self care is more like self preservation now. I personally have been in a state of fight or flight for nearly a year.

This all gets much more worrisome when you have kids. I have 3. All in school. Our school district has been open since August. They have to wear masks. The high schoolers are on an every other day schedule for 95% of their classes. The problem is 1 kid has a daily 3 hour culinary class and the other has a daily ROTC program. Meaning, they go to school every day.

God bless my son’s teacher. I couldn’t imgine teacher 1st graders during this mess. Masks, sanitizer, spacing. Yikes, stripes. That woman deserves a bottle of wine and bigger paycheck. I hope she does some self care.

And that brings me back to self care. Specifically what is it? In a global pandemic situation, it’s whatever gets you through the next 5 minutes.

I hear you now. 5 minutes? Yeah. Everyone talks about taking it one day at a time. Listen. Here’s the thing. Days come and go. It’s January now. Before we know it, spring will roll into summer. Days go in a blink. But I have had 5 minutes that I almost choked on. If you can get through the next 5 minutes, I’m proud of you. Maybe stretch it to 10 minutes when you’re able.

Self care can be a bubble bath. I’d have to take the toys out and clean my tub. It can be Tik Tok. Reading a book. Petting a dog. Looking at someone you love. It’s whatever gets you through those next 5 minutes.

I’ve learned that life is too short. So eat the cookie. And take care of yourself the best you can. Because if you don’t, someone will have to.

Be safe, train wrecks.


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